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Long time no post!

It's been almost a month since I've had the opportunity to post anything on here. It's been a very busy month! Since the weather has started to act more like spring, it's time to get all the winter paraphernalia packed away and get ready for summer! In my family we live in two seasons. Summer and winter. Spring and fall seem to be the seasons where we just kind "float". In the spring it's prep for summer work/play and in the fall it's prep for winter work/play. This summer is going to be busier than usual too. We have 2 family functions to get ready for. One in June and one in August. Yikes!
I will definitely have to post more pics afterwards, but I wanted to take a moment and share at least a few things. Also I didn't take the time (like I had any to spare) to stage any of this. I finished the project, took the picture with my phone, and moved on to something else. Total bummer, because I really love these files to begin with and if I do say so …