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The Pink Envelope

Happy Halloween! New kit!

We just had Christmas in July, now it's time for Halloween in August! While I can not bring myself to wrap my brain around making anything, even remotely related to the Yuletide festivities (when it's 100 degrees out), I have no problem making a haunted house or a witches hat. I know. Go figure.

Halloween is hands down, my favorite holiday. There isn't another holiday that you can really let creativity reign like you can for Halloween.

For years I made my kid's costumes. When I say I made them, I mean I MADE them. There was no "let's just throw something together really quick and call it good." Oh no. It was all out. No detail was to small. Halloween would no sooner be over for one year, we'd get through Christmas and by January it was time to decide what to do for the following year. I would have to start on them no later than March.

I realized at one point that almost all of the costumes found in stores were a huge waste of money. I would get so fru…