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Princess Castle Box Card

I've managed to get 3 projects posted in less than 2 weeks! Go me! Maybe the excitement I feel is only because I hadn't posted anything in like a month before this.

Anyway...Our niece's birthday was last week and we missed it. It's horrible. My husband can never be counted on to remember these kinds of things and I'm usually really good about it, but somehow this one got passed me. My husband will see her tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I made her something I know she would be over the moon for. She LOVES the whole princess gig, so I know she'll love this.
There isn't a lot to say about this project. It kinda speaks for itself, so this will be a quick one! 

Well that's it. Pretty simple! Hopefully I haven't missed anything else important, because I really need to work on my kid's costumes.

You've Been Boo'd!!!

Have you ever heard of Boo'ing? I had, but never had the time nor the inclination to participate. After discussing the idea with my girls (I wanted their thoughts as I was going to make, I mean ask, them deliver them with me) we decided we should do it!

More on that in a second though.

SVG Cuts launched a new kit yesterday! It's called the Fright Night SVG Kit. I literally just downloaded it. Everything about this kit is adorable! Be sure to check it out!

Ok, for those that don't know what it means to BOO, let me explain. You make (or buy, whatever floats your boat) a box, bag or container, and add treats of some kind to it. You also include, some sort of sign that says "We've Been Booed" and instructions for what they need to do next. Then you secretly deliver it to them. They then have 2 days to do the same thing to two more neighbors. It's actually a really simple idea. You can start with one or two, it's up to you. The girls decided I should make …